Packing Pearl

Fashion Film


Materiality sculpts how we think and view the world. Hierarchy of materiality imposes value or lack of value on both the natural and built world. Objects are made to treasured, objects are made to be disposable. There is an active strive for authenticity and genuine products, and the faux pas of passing off fake off as real calls for social damnation.

Why shouldn't we see beauty in the banal? What prescribes beauty in the first place? what separates a pearl from a polystyrene ball? Objects are reflections of us, and the ones we choose to value are the ones that help us understand ourselves.

Directed by Hiball

Cast - Cheryl Chew & Flavia Lazarus

Director of Photography - Kalu Oji

1AC - Lin Y Goh

HMUA - Zoe Jane Crawford

Composer - Mitchell MacKintosh

Colourist - Abe Wynen